Our single source of inspiration is our high-school teacher Sri C.S. Sridhar, who dedicated his entire life to the elevation of his students. Single-handedly he transformed the quality of more than 500 individuals and their families by helping them financially as well as intellectually and morally.


  • To identify and encourage the needy and meritorious students by guiding them with various career options and offer financial support as appropriate to achieve their aspirations.
  • To mentor students on various subjects which will enhance their overall subject knowledge and in turn help them achieve better results in their academic career.
  • To inculcate the social responsibility into the earning young new generation and encourage them to support the meritorious poor students to pursue their education and become the national asset so that the benefits are multiplied


“A boy was told by his father that how much ever you earn, at least donate 10% of your earning for the good cause .

The boy listened and he reversed his father’s statement and gave 90% of his income to his students and retained 10% for himself! And he did it until his retirement, whose service includes almost 36 years.

He never chased fame and had no interest in this materialistic world” 

Mahaguru Shri. Chakravarthy S. Sridhar

When one person could do this single handedly being in a government school then why can’t we do much more things what our Mahaguru intended to do?

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” 

― Ben Carson


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